Britain has the oldest railway system in the world dating back to 1825 when the first locomotive opened up for public transport. Today, majority of the rail tracks are maintained and managed by the Network Rail and in the previous year, it was estimated that Britain had over 5,272 km of electrified lines and 15,760 km of standard gauge lines. All these lines can range from quadruple tracks to single lines. Then there are separate rail-based intercity transit lines such as London’s Underground. Plus, private railways also exist on narrow gauge lines – these tend to be short and primarily for the purpose of tourism. And finally, the British railways also connects to the continent of Europe thanks to an undersea rail link called the Channel Tunnel, which began operations in 1994.


Welcome to Railways of Britain – the wonderful world of trains and tracks. Learn the history of railways in Britain, find out interesting facts about trains in general and the British railways in particular. Some of the facts are so whacky that they are simply unbelievable. It has to be because railways are one of the oldest industrial transport system in the world – the key force in the industrialization of the entire world!

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