10 Fun Train Facts

Here’s the top 10 kickass fun facts on trains, enjoy!

  1. New York’s City Hall has an abandoned subway station where no train stops but you can always see it as you pass the station on train number 6.
  2. In Japan, any person committing suicide by jumping in front of an oncoming train puts his family under legal and monetary liability. It is legal for the train company to sue the family for loss of income, clean-up fees and even the negative publicity the suicide brings!
  3. A specific class of trains travel down the coasts of Sweden known as Ore trains that generate over five times the electricity they use. This power is used to run nearby towns and even fuel return trips of other trains.
  4. In an astonishing case of machoism, four Princeton students in 1963 stopped a local train by parking a car in front and boarded the train with guns only to pick up girls for their dates.
  5. Daniel Craig, in the movie Skyfall, did not rely on a stunt double for the train top fight sequence, which was filmed on top of an actual moving train!
  6. Trains in Japan are super punctual and even a delay of 5 minutes results in an apology from the authorities with a delay certificate issued for all passengers. Trains delayed over an hour make the headlines.
  7. One can actually travel all the way from Portugal to Vietnam on a train. This is the longest train journey in the world measuring at 17,000 km.
  8. Feeling brave, the Texas train company in 1886 invited the public for a stunt where two trains were made to collide at full speed head-on. This resulted in 3 people killed and few more injured.
  9. The Hogwarts Express train is a real train that runs daily in Scotland. This train actually goes through some of the most picturesque settings including locks and valleys.
  10. Stray dogs can travel by train from the suburbs to the city in Moscow and they actually do this on a regular basis returning by the last train!