The Fastest Trains

Breaking speed limits has always been of particular interest to society as a whole and it is no different with trains. Today, we have trains capable of travelling near the speed of sound (well not quite there yet). Here are the fastest trains in operation the world over.

Shanghai Maglev

Reaching top speed of 430 kmph, this train tops the list for max operational speed and its average of 251 kmph is just as impressive. It began operations way back in 2004 and continues to top this list. The train operates between a 30.5 km line that is unique because it happens to be a magnetic levitation line.

Harmony CRH 380A

Operational speeds reach 380 kmph for the Harmony CRH 380A, which makes it the second fastest among all trains. This train runs on electric multiple units and has set a record of 486.1 kmph during its trial. It began operations from Beijing to Shanghai in 2010.

AGV Italo

The first among high-speed trains in the AGV series, operations began in April 2012 with a maximum speed of 360kmph. The train however when fitted with traction system managed to smash world speed records with a whopping 574.8kmph speed.

The train is called the most modern of all in Europe and is the brainchild of Alstom running between Napoli to Milano.

The Talgo 350

Also called the Spanish Duck, this train can reach up to 365 kmph and is one of the most popular trains in the world with over 46 operational trains throughout the country. The most famous is along the Madrid and Barcelona tracks.